From the Foreword by Phil Nuernberger

“Truth has been Truth since the beginning of times, and Gurudev Swami Rama is timeless. His persona and physical presence during my lifetime and all of those lives he touched was a gift beyond any treasure. Each person’s experience with Gurudev was unique, fitting perfectly to that individual’s spiritual, psychological and physical growth. Each story in this volume testifies to the brilliance of Gurudev’s insight into human nature and the selflessness of his service to each individual.


Gurudev was the embodiment of Truth. What is that Truth? In Gurudev’s own words “The most ancient traveler in the world is love, which travels from eternity to eternity.” He showed us that we are truly that Love. Could there be any greater lesson than that?”

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ISBN: 978-8-1881-5785-3, Price: $21.95, Pages: 288 pp pb with 16 page color insert