International Yoga Day was first marked in June 2015. We at the Institute also launched this in our campus as a collaborative effort between Swami Rama Himalayan University and Swami Rama Sadhaka Grama. From that time on we at RDI have been taking forward the message of yoga and the founder of the Institute for rural populace every month.

The program is conducted with the aim of exposing young minds to the concept of yoga and general health and well-being. A total of 72 participants have participated in the 2-day monthly yoga orientation. It is a residential program where participants come on 20th evening to get an introductory session about International Yoga Day, and introduction to yoga as taught by the founder. The following day starts with an early morning session on Joints & Glands exercises after which they get an exposure to Swami Rama Centre where they understand the life and mission of the great yogi.

They also visit the ashrams where they are taken through the walking protocol by the Ganges at Sadhna Mandir Ashram. This is followed by a visit to Swami Rama Sadhaka Grama, an ashram set up by Swami Veda Bharati where they see the community and ashram way of life. The participants coming from rural background have mentioned this as a highlight of their visit!

They then have a self-expression session where they bring out their creativity through poems, drawings or writings. The Science of Joyful Living template is followed where the participants are taken systematically through body, breath, mind and self as taught by the Himalayan tradition. These are covered in depth on the second day.